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Vicki runs Mainline Border Collie Centre with Barbara, and although she is involved mainly in the running of the farm and sheepdog training she also takes an active part in the Trust (FOSTBC border collie rescue) and its welfare.

Vicki has been involved in sheepdogs and training from an early age. She had her first collie, Lass, when she was ten and a year later she was competing in trials with both Lass and Barbara’s dog, Moss. She won numerous awards and competed in the International sheepdog trials and on One Man and His Dog as the Young Handler representing England when she was fourteen.

Vicki is a well known and respected sheepdog trainer taking in dogs from all over the UK for training for shepherding work. Inbetween farming and training, as a consultant in Canine Behaviour, she does training and consultations for people with companion dogs of varied breeds.that have issues.

Vicki is an excellent instructer and runs the Sheepdog Experience where she combines the fun of the event with knowledge and education of the collie and its background.

Vicki Sykes