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Family Experience

Are you looking for a unique family experience or a different way to celebrate your loved ones special day, then why not book family farm and sheepdog experience or a private children’s parties.

There is something for everyone here at Mainline, all tailored to suit your family.

Come and meet the dogs and various animals on the farm, including Molly and Maddie our cheeky goats that love nothing more than to be stroked and hand-fed crisps.

Learn some interesting facts about the border collie as a breed, including its history and how colour genetics can affect its individual personalities.

Have a go at working our dogs around the sheep, from pen work to actively commanding a dog out in the field.

Complete the experience helping our ducks around our duck tour of Great Britian, which includes a trip over tower Bridge and a slide splash down Ben Nevis.


Team Building

You don’t have to mountaineer or orienteer to learn about team spirit and body language, in fact you don’t need to run, climb, or engage in any strenuous exercise.

Dogs in a pack work together in harmony for the good of the pack; they accept and respect leadership but use their initiative whenever the need arises. For years shepherds and their dogs have worked together, neither one afraid to take responsibility, to delegate or to question a decision that could ultimately save time and energy. Is it any wonder that the humble sheepdog is proving invaluable as a role model for the corporate world? From the managing director to the tea maker everyone is important and everyone is part of a team.

People management, team incentives, and communication skills

Team games using mental and physical skills, a dog for a partner and sheep for the opposition!

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