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Meg - 1979 – 1992
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Developed By Barbara Sykes MCFBA MBIPDT

Dog Training and Behaviour

TLC Thinking Like Canines dog training – all breeds

  • Pulling on a lead
  • Poor recall
  • Jumping up
  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Anxiety

Behavioural consultations and training for all breeds and problems, including aggression, are all with the TLC – Thinking Like Canines technique developed by Barbara Sykes MCFBA MBIPDT (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers)

Your behavioural or training consultation will include you, your dog and your family so that everyone is included in the training. You will be given printed information to take home and you will have a free six months back up service provided by email or telephone.

The TLC method of understanding and training dogs is without the use of check chains, titbits, haltis and toys. It helps people to gain their dog’s love, affection and good manners through natural body language and canine communication.

If you have a problem dog contact us and we will be able give you advice on which consultation you need to book, either a behavioural one with Barbara or a training one with Vicki.

We do not have formal training classes at Mainline but we hold training days so please keep checking our Diary Dates for forthcoming events. We also travel to clubs, groups and organisations providing seminars and workshops, if you would like to book a day or evening please contact us for further details.

Barbara Sykes

TLC-Thinking Like Canines dog training and behaviour

TLC- Thinking Like Canines helps us to access the mind of a dog, to know what they are thinking and to understand their behaviour. It helps us to communicate with them and to provide a foundation for all forms of dog training.

Quite often we give mixed messages to our dogs that make it difficult for them to understand what we want from them and can cause adverse behaviour.

TLC dog training and behaviour is about listening to our dogs and talking to them in their own language - body language. From simple body movements a dog will soon learn not to pull on a lead and it doesn’t involve any pulling or jerking of the collar, in fact it is taught on a slack lead, no bribery is used and no toys are needed.

If we make dog training complicated we are making our own lives complicated. Dogs are very simplistic, they understand their own language and instincts and if we want to make training easy for both them and ourselves we must make every effort to communicate with them in a way they understand.

All our books, training techniques, consultations and experience days are based on our TLC-Thinking Like Canines technique, helping people to understand and communicate with dogs naturally.

Vicki Sykes


“I was home with the dogs all last week and from the first day out walking the techniques you showed us have worked a treat. I've walked him past loads of dogs and people and it’s been great, no lunging, no freaky behaviour, he feels safe. At home we've had a number of visitors ad I've been practicing the new techniques, again everything worked well.”

“Thank you for such a great consultation, we have seen many so called "experts" and we are glad to have finally found someone who understood the problem, understood our dog and understood what we needed. Thank you for your common sense advice, it has transformed going out with our dog.”

“Millie is responding well and has stopped pulling on the lead already. She has almost stopped barking at the door and today when someone walked up the drive she got up and went to her bed without even a look from me! We have a long way to go but she seems a much more settled dog.
Thank you”

“I'm a great admirer of yours through your books and excellent magazine and have also attended a TLC seminar. Your advice on that occasion has made 100% difference to a 'problem' dog in my care. I had tried everything I knew in vain with him, but on following your body language techniques shown at the seminar, he is now a transformed character. He is a collie/German Shepherd cross and could do hyper for England!!”

“I write this time because of the change in Tinker over the last few weeks. It dawned on me over a matter of days recently, perhaps even a week or so, that Tinker wasn't so nervous anymore. About 6 weeks ago I noticed that he wasn't so agitated, so highly strung, so keyed up. It didn't happen overnight, but one day I realised he was just calm. When once he was frenetic he is now just plain normal, and most importantly for us in a semi urban environment, dogs or people we meet on our walks are of no concern to him. He loves playing with our nieces and nephews (who are all 8-15) and he has such a gentle mouth that it’s hard to believe. He is brilliant with visitors to the house and he doesn't chase lights anymore.”

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