Mainline Border
Collie Centre
Golcar Farm
Spring Lane
West Yorkshire
BD16 3AU
01274 564163
Meg - 1979 – 1992
Nine National trials
English team 1983
The first of our Main Line of dogs
and the inspiration for MBCC
Corporate Collies
Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies
Mainline Articles
Caring For An Older Dog

Most dogs grow old gracefully and, hopefully, with few ailments. Often the hardest part of living with an older dog is accepting that he is slowing up and not able to do the things he could do perhaps as recently as a year ago.
Caring For An Older Dog
A Happy Recall

A dog without a recall is like a car without brakes, it is dangerous!
A Happy Recall
The Perfect Team

Being at one with your dog costs nothing but time and patience and reaps amazing rewards.
The Perfect Team
February Newsletter

Keep up to date at Mainline and the Trust with our Freedom of Spirit Newsletter Digby's English, Thoughts on Microchipping Toby's story plus before and after photos plus our usual quotes and poems.
February Newsletter
New Book

Training Border Collies by Barbara Sykes Available now from Mainline Border Collie Centre
New Book
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